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Your West Support Fund Exclusions

Learn more about the exclusions for Your West Support Fund.

The Trusts will not fund:

• Retrospective applications i.e. where the initiative or item

being considered for funding has already been completed

or purchased

• Initiatives that are outside of The Trusts boundaries

• Applications from sub-groups of entities (such as jubilee

committees, men’s, women’s, or junior sections). The main entity

or governing body of each organisation must be the applicant

• Industry, commercial or professional network groups

• Promotion of a religious or political message (however, we do

fund faith-based community services)

• Corporate social clubs

• School car parks, entrance ways, staff areas and staff


• Alcohol

• Travel or accommodation

• Sports equipment

• Computers for schools or individuals

• Purchase of food for food banks

• Group/team registration fees

• Grants which are for the purpose of fundraising or re-gifting

(e.g. prize money, scholarships etc)

• Activities or initiatives that are of a similar nature or duplication

to what the Trusts has or is, already funding

• Individuals (including sponsorships or scholarships)

• Endowments, capital funds, whānau and family trusts other

trust funds

• Contribution to debt reduction