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The Trusts Community Funding Strategy

Got questions about The Trusts' Community Funding Strategy? You can find the answers to some commonly asked questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, we welcome your questions. Please contact lynettea@thetrusts.co.nz or DianeI@thetrusts.co.nz

  • Yes, The Trusts expect that this will happen.

  • The amount of money in the Future Fund will be decided once it is clear the amount of funds available for distribution in the next financial year. Our aim is to shift a higher proportion of our funding to the Future Fund as part of our funding strategy. The Trusts are transitioning to a new way of working so we are testing our processes and systems as we go.

  • Yes, as long as your project meets our criteria.

  • Yes, that will be available in early 2024 and we will endeavour to hold a workshop going over the new application system.

  • Yes, this round, it is capped at $20,000 as typically we receive applications from many organisations across The West.

  • Yes, as long as your project or initiative meets our criteria for each of the funds.

  • No. The Trusts want to be easy to work with so please discuss any issues with reporting requirements so we can develop an approach that works for you.

  • Yes, as long as it meets the criteria for both funds and is not for exactly the same thing (this is called double-dipping).

  • Yes, probably depending on our capacity and how many requests for support we receive. We are also planning to host an information session for applicants in February 2024. We are always available by phone.

  • There is no restriction as long as the application outlines the impact and benefit and meets our criteria.

  • Organisations can apply to TTCF for this type of support. The Trusts don’t believe this is the best use of their funding to make a long-term impact in The West.

  • Please talk to The Trusts about other funding opportunities—how The Trusts might support marae aspirations e.g. the development of Māori Martial Arts. The Trusts want to be a more intentional funder.

  • As liquor licensing trusts, we need to maintain our ‘social license’ to operate. We need to provide clarity, clear guidelines, and communicate the impact of our funding to our community. We want to be easy to apply to and work with.

  • Focus on who you support in your application and how you are addressing equity. Please tell the story of the value that you provide for the community you serve.

  • At the end of April 2024.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, but they need to demonstrate how funding will support people in PLT and/ or WLT local area specifically. Surplus profits must be returned to the areas that they are generated which is why we can only support those in the PLT and WLT areas.

  • There were some priority populations and geographical areas that are called out in the strategy. This does not exclude other groups as long as the application focusses on how you are addressing equity and meeting our criteria.

  • At the moment the amount of funding is not large but The Trusts are always happy to review their decisions.

  • Not specifically through these funds but The Trusts supported 86 schools in our community with more than $87,000 given to support end-of-year award ceremonies.

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