Results out for Portage Licensing Trust by-election


Pam NUTTALL has been elected as the new member for the Portage Licensing Trust No 2 (New Lynn) Ward, following a by-election which concluded at midday today.

Final results are:

CRAWLEY, Julie (Independent) 173 votes received
NUTTALL, Pam (Labour) 1,049 votes received
WATSON, Sara (West Auckland Licensing Trust Action Group) 753 votes received

2 informal votes and 4 blank votes were received.

16.28% or 1,981 of the 12,170 electors had voted by the close of voting today.

The need for the by-election arose following the resignation of Clera Matafai, a member of the Portage Licensing Trust No 2 (New Lynn) Ward.

For more information please contact: the electoral office, Portage Licensing Trust, telephone (09) 973 5212.


    • Hi Monica, Thank you for getting in touch. The next election for both Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trusts will take place at the same time as the local body elections which are in September/October of 2019.

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