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Doing The Right Thing For Our Environment – It’s In The Bag

We’re showing plastic bags the door in your local West Liquor or Village Wine & Spirits store.   

We’re rolling out environmentally-friendly paper bags to replace the more than 2 million plastic bags used by customers each year.  

The new sustainably-sourced carry bags are still strong enough to carry three bottles of wine or six packs of beer, but don’t contribute to plastic waste going to landfill, or even worse, plastic bags going into our rivers and oceans.   

These new bags are independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Councilwho ensure that the paper materials used to make the bags come from well-managed and sustainable forests. You’ll see their FSC international certification symbol on all our paper bags.      

Your local stores will soon be offering new cardboard carry cases for wine and spirits bottlesin addition to the chiller carry bags and woven bags already available.   

West Auckland is home to some of New Zealand’s most unique natural environments and we’re proud to be doing our part to reduce the amount of plastic we use.     

You’re also welcome to bring in your own reusable bag, or ask for no bag at all if you don’t need one.  If you want to know more, just ask one of our friendly team members.   

The new bag alternatives are being rolled out now and will be available in all stores well ahead of the July 1 deadline set by the government.   

Share your ideas on how we could be more environmentally friendly in the comments below.

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