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Our Purpose & Strategy

The Trusts is made up of the Portage Licensing Trust (PLT) and Waitākere Licensing Trust (WLT) which have been given a mandate by community vote to sell alcohol through licensed retail stores and hospitality venues.

Through our network of stores and venues, we are able to give our surplus profits to community organisations in our local area. We also work to provide employment and opportunity throughout The West.

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The Trusts' Five-year Strategy

A $40 million plus investment over the next five years to expand the hospitality and retail infrastructure of one of NZ’s largest population centres is set to help address future demand from increased housing density and regeneration around transport hubs.

Our Values

We exist to support our local community. The Trusts live by values that are not only crucial to us but also to the community we serve.

These principles underpin the way we do business every day. At the heart of how we operate, our values are the touchstones for how we work together. They drive our focus, guide our decisions and shape our goals. Being part of The Trusts means being part of a caring team dedicated to supporting amazing work in The West.

Our values are built on a business model committed to managing the socially responsible sale and supply of alcohol.

Our Values