22 March 2019

Yesterday I was made aware of comments allegedly made on social media last year by Paul Davie, an Elected Member of the Portage Licensing Trust, representing the Blockhouse Bay, Avondale, New Windsor, Waterview and Mt Albert areas.

Mr Davie’s alleged comments and his personal political views do not, in any way, reflect the views of  the Portage Licensing Trust or the other nine Elected Members of the Portage Licensing Trust.

I personally find the alleged comments abhorrent and I believe they have no place in the diverse and vibrant communities that the Portage Licensing Trust Elected Members represent.

We have received questions about Mr Davie’s future as an Elected Member of the Portage Licensing Trust. Under the legislation that governs the Portage Licensing Trust, neither I nor the other Elected Members has the power to remove an Elected Member from their role for comments made in a private capacity.

However, the feedback I have received from the community certainly suggests it is time for Mr Davie to reflect on whether it is appropriate for him to continue in this role.


26 March 2019

The Portage Licensing Trust would like to thank the members of the public who attended the public meeting on 25 March. The Trusts heard a range of views and feedback at the meeting.

Mr Paul Davie has opted to continue in his role as an Elected Member of the Portage Licensing Trust. The Portage Licensing Trust stands by its position that Mr Davie’s alleged comments on social media and his personal political views do not represent those of the other Elected Members nor the Trust itself.

The Elected Members are now focused on moving forward and continuing to work together for the benefit of the vibrant and diverse West Auckland community. We are committed to continuing to manage the sale of alcohol in a responsible way and to giving back to great causes in West Auckland.

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