The Future of Giving Back

Over the last few years we at The Trusts have grown the amount we’ve given back to the West Auckland community to over one million dollars per year. But we are not stopping there.

We plan to continue to help make big things happen in West Auckland by assisting with the development of projects, people, and facilities across many organisations and in many ways.

Waitakere Licensing Trust

The Trusts to give back $5m per year to West Auckland

“We have a long term giving back strategy that aims to grow giving back from over one million dollars annually to two million plus this financial year, and five million dollars per year in future.” announces Simon Wickham, CEO of The Trusts.

“With West Auckland’s ongoing support, our goal is to be able to give back five million dollars a year and make an even greater difference to the community. The work we’ve been undertaking via investing in our people, our current and future businesses and our investment strategy will ensure we are able to give back more forever.”

The money given back to the community comes directly from commercial profits gained through the successful operation of The Trusts retail liquor, hospitality businesses and investment portfolio. It does not come from gaming money. The Trusts gives back every year via sponsorships, the Million Dollar Mission, donations to West Auckland clubs, schools and other small organisations and the household distribution of helpful items such
as smoke alarms and toolkits.

“We are in a unique position because of our model and the support of our community, to give back to West Auckland in a way that other areas can’t.”

Keep an eye on The Trusts Facebook page for an announcement regarding our next Million Dollar Mission. Or for more information please visit the Million Dollar Mission website.

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