Our Values drive the way we go about our business.

  • Give it a Go – Be curious – explore new ways to do things better – with a “can do” attitude
  • Mates – Look out for yourself and your mates – think health, safety and enjoyment
  • ‘A’ Game – bring it – all day – everyday – keep improving
  • Respect! – Do what you say you’re going to, with care for each other
  • Keep Sharp – Work smart, bring new ideas & cut out the unnecessary
  • Strive – Turn customers into fans

Benefits of working for The Trusts

Team Member Discount Card

You get a discount of 10% at our retail outlets and 25% off at our restaurants (conditions apply)

Gym Membership

Take advantage of discounted gym membership fees at The Trust Fitness Centre.

Medical Insurance

Protect you and your family’s health and well-being through discounted medical insurance with Southern Cross.

Life Insurance Plan

In the unfortunate event that something should happen to you, we’ve got your family covered by providing them with one year of your annual salary.

TrustsWorthy Awards program

You can earn awards through our peer-nominated awards program.

Long Service Awards

We appreciate your commitment to us so we offer long service awards ranging from $250 gift card to 5 weeks extra leave.

Flu Vaccination

Subsidised flu vaccinations are available annually for all our team members

Well Being Day

If you work 6 months without taking any sick leave, you’ll get a paid day off on us!

Extra Sick Leave

If you need to take time off because you’re unwell we provide you with 7 sick leave days per year.


If you need assistance we offer free confidential and professional counselling sessions