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Proposed changes to our Glen Eden operations

As part of our ongoing plans to refresh and upgrade our retail network in The West, we are proposing to make some changes to our retail operations in Glen Eden. Glen Eden is a bustling suburb that has seen significant population growth in recent years and continues to expand.

Currently, The Trusts operate one West Liquor Glen Eden store at Glenmall Plaza. It is the busiest store in our off-licence network and is experiencing high customer demand, which we are struggling to service at peak times.

To reduce the increasing strain on the current West Liquor store in Glen Eden, we are proposing to open a further outlet nearby.

By positioning this new store close to the current store, we can better serve our current customer base and provide a better working environment for our team. This second store will be branded as a Super Liquor outlet, carrying the full Super Liquor product range with the standard national Super Liquor pricing.

We have applied for a liquor licence for the new store through Auckland Council, which has responsibility for approving liquor licences.

At the end of this process, we will have two fresh and modern retail outlets, each with a different product range, where our teams will be able to deliver high-quality customer service and effectively meet the high standards we set for the responsible sale of alcohol.

As with all stores in our network, we will continue to use funds generated by the Glen Eden stores for the betterment of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our timeframe will depend on the outcome of the licence application. However, we expect it to be approximately six to 12 months from the date the licence application is approved.

  • If our licence application is approved, the store will be located at 5 Captain Scott Road, Glen Eden.

  • The present West Liquor Glen Eden store is too small for the population base it serves and is struggling to adequately cater to the increasing demand that has come from the substantial population growth in the area in recent years. This has led to long wait times of up to 20 minutes and a less than desired customer experience during busy periods. Our staff are also exposed to increased health and safety risks due to the store’s inadequate space for storage of stock and a low customer to staff member ratio.

    Our proposed new Super Liquor outlet will help us better meet demand and improve both the customer and staff experience.

  • Currently, there is a ratio of 1.78 retail licences per 10,000 residents in West Auckland. This is significantly lower than the rest of Auckland. Central Auckland has 5.22 licences per 10,000 residents and Northern Auckland has 5.76 licences per 10,000 residents. By introducing a new store, we are only meeting the market’s needs, not oversupplying it.

  • We understand there may be concerns regarding the impact of the establishment of a second liquor store in the Glen Eden area. We understand these concerns. As an organisation, we have measures in place over and above what is legally required by to ensure the responsible sale of alcohol in all our retail stores. We are also looking to implement a holistic management system by having a single manager for both stores. This will mean that both stores will operate cohesively and consistently with one another.

    Our goal is to meet the current demands of our customers with an additional purpose-built store, which introduces a more diverse product range and a superior in-store experience.

  • We will continue to actively support our community through a range of programmes and funding opportunities. This new store will follow our approach of balancing the responsible sale of alcohol and the effective distribution of funds to the community.