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One of NZ's Largest Liquor Retailers to Replace All Stores with New Brands

Exciting news today with our retail stores all changing to Liquorland and Super Liquor brands. Read all about it here.

West Aucklanders are set to benefit from the launch of new retail liquor brands, in a move designed to boost consumer choice.

The move will see The Trusts, which has a community mandate to operate liquor retail licenses in their area, change all stores to a franchise brand model.

It will see liquor outlets in the region rebranded and operate as either Liquorland or Super Liquor stores - within the coming 12 months.

With 25 stores, The Trusts is one of New Zealand’s largest liquor retail chains and the second largest employer in the West Auckland region.

Profits from the retail stores have seen the organisation’s social enterprise model return millions of dollars to community charities and groups each year.

In 2021, the Trusts moved to replace three of their stores under the Liquorland brand and another one in 2022.

Allan Pollard, CEO of The Trusts, says Trusts branded stores have supplied consumers in the region for over half a century however the adoption of the new retail model will introduce the country’s two largest liquor retail brands to the region.

He says the Trusts will retain ownership of the new franchised stores, allowing them to continue to fund hundreds of local charities, sporting and community groups.

“Our sales data shows the Liquorland stores developed as part of our initial trial have been well received by the region.

“Under our new initiative, consumers will see one of two new franchised brands replacing each of The Trusts stores in their area - with potential for other liquor retail brands in the future.

“West Aucklanders will have access to the same core product range, pricing and promotions available at any other of the Liquorland and Super Liquor stores operating around New Zealand.

“In addition, we will continue to stock a wider range of product lines we know West Aucklanders are already familiar with and prefer - including those sourced from local vineyards and boutique manufacturers.

“Each store will carry around 1,500-2,000 different products,” he says.

Pollard says there will be no reduction in the number of outlets as a result of the change.

He says the replacement of the new stores is part of a million-dollar retail upgrade of their sites over the coming 12 months.

“This change programme is an extension of The Trusts strategic growth strategy, with the move designed to create significant cost efficiencies for us and removing the cost of running our own retail brand.

“Our expansion and growth will help us get to a point where we can give back up to $5 million annually to local community groups where the need for financial support is at a critical level.

“We are also committed to bringing greater choice to West Auckland consumers and maintaining our primary role as responsible liquor retailers in the region,” he says.