Mobile Hend Int shade sails

Henderson Intermediate gets sun smart with new shade sail

Henderson Intermediate School's new shade sails have only been in place since May but are already making a difference. ‘The shade sails have transformed the look of the playground,’ says Shania Hammon, Board Secretary. ‘The new sails have modernised the space, and it’s so much more welcoming,’ she adds.

Opened in 1964, Henderson Intermediate School is situated on Lincoln Road at the heart of the local community. The school currently has over 700 students in years 7 and 8, and the roll continues to grow.

Alongside teaching and learning, Henderson Intermediate offers a packed programme of extra-curricular activities. Students get to participate in a wide range of sports, performing arts and cultural groups. And for those who enjoy music, there’s also a school choir, band and orchestra.

However, the playground is a focal point for the school community. So much so that to avoid congestion, classes are allocated different times to be on the popular inter-challenge playground. And with little natural shade around the space, the sails mean tamariki can now enjoy the facility away from the harsh sun.

Henderson Intermediate is a decile three school, and there's always pressure on funding for extras like the shade sails. And so, the school applied to the Your West Support Fund for help. The $5,000 funding was a very welcome contribution to the costs.

‘We couldn’t have done it without the Your West Support Fund,’ says Shania. ‘A huge thank to The Trusts for helping to make it happen,’ she adds.

Being sun smart is a priority for Henderson Intermediate. The playground gets very hot during summer, and the shade sails offer much-needed sun protection.

‘Keeping our children active and healthy is very important to us,’ Shania says. She adds that the shade sails provide a safe space to play away from the sun’s UV rays.

And with the warmer weather just around the corner, the shade sails have arrived at just the right time.

Check out Henderson Intermediate School’s website for more information, or follow the school on Facebook.