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Announced Temporary Closure of West Liquor Henderson Valley Rd

Unfortunately, West Liquor Henderson Valley Road has had to be temporarily closed due to a ram raid which created severe damage to the store.

The shop was being repaired after an earlier ram raid in October when it was burgled again in late December. Supply issues with materials had further compounded completion.

Due to the severity of the recent ram raid, the required and ongoing repairs, and the risk associated with having a guard on duty, we have decided to close the store until all repairs are finished.

Allan Pollard, Trusts CEO, says this may take some time. However, it reduces the risk of security contractors being harmed and upholds the mental well-being of employees, who whilst not there during the raid, are always on edge after such an incident, he says.

All staff will be redeployed to other outlets while the shop is being restored.

We will keep you updated with any developments.