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New waste disposal system fires up Titirangi Potters

Tucked away in the Titirangi bush is a little-known hub of creativity. Since 1974, Titirangi Potters has provided a creative outlet for potters out West. With access to kilns, wheels, clay and expertise, there’s everything budding or seasoned potters need to unleash their creative energies.

‘We’re a vibrant bunch of potters. And our members range in age from early 20s to late 80s,’ explains Chairperson Victoria Parsons. She adds that all members share a passion for bringing the joy of clay to others.

Titirangi Potters has grown in popularity in recent years, with more people than ever looking to get involved. However, the workspace is limited, and the club has reached its capacity of 60 members. There’s a waitlist currently in operation. Titirangi Potters regularly hosts beginners’ classes for those interested in exploring their artistic talents with this relaxing hobby.

Titirangi Potters are just as passionate about doing good in the local community. Each year, the club organises a fundraising event with donated works from the artists. Last year, the club raised money for Age Concern West Auckland. It was a cause close to their hearts, as Age Concern cared for a member in her final days. The pottery club collaborated with Titirangi coffee shop Thomas’ Cup and sold over 200 mugs to customers buying their caffeine fix. This year sees Piha Surf Life Saving Club benefit from Titirangi Potters’ fundraising efforts.

As a responsible community member, Titirangi Potters takes its environmental impact seriously. Glazes and clay used in the pottery process can potentially be toxic. Members recognised they needed to improve their waste management practices to be more sustainable. And the club approached the Your West Support Fund for help.

Victoria explains more: ‘The current sink is a single one with a standard drain,’ she says. ‘It often gets blocked and doesn’t prevent harmful chemicals going into the wastewater system,’ Victoria adds.

Titirangi Potters identified an upgrade to a more modern wastewater and drainage system already successfully used by the New Plymouth Pottery Club. ‘The new system filters out and collects more of the glazes and clay before they enter the public system,’ Victoria advises.

As a not-for-profit organisation, funding is always challenging. The $8,430 from the Your West Support Fund has been crucial. ‘The improved wastewater practices reduce our environmental impact,’ says Victoria. And it’s also created a much more pleasant working environment as bad odours are now a thing of the past.

‘The Your West Support Fund has helped us build a more sustainable creative community that benefits everyone,’ declares Victoria. She adds that the group is delighted by the support of The Trusts and is grateful for the opportunity.

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