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New carpet transforms West Lynn Garden's function centre

Tucked away in New Lynn’s Parker Avenue, West Lynn Garden is a hidden treasure. First opened in 1981, the garden offers a peaceful oasis in the middle of suburbia to take some time out and enjoy Mother Nature.

West Lynn Garden covers 4.5 acres and features flowering shrubs and beautiful trees, both native and exotic. Now is the perfect time to visit with a dazzling display of spring flowers in full bloom. The garden has several meandering pathways and a native bush walk. It's the ideal spot for a family picnic or a peaceful stroll.

The butterfly house is a unique highlight and attracts visitors from all over Auckland. From December through to April, hundreds of Monarch butterflies can be seen at every stage of their incredible lifecycle. It's a fantastic spectacle popular with young children and school groups.

A dedicated team of volunteers runs West Lynn Garden. Visitors are charged just $5 to help cover the costs of running the garden. However, according to President Jillian Gamble, hiring out the function centre is the garden’s primary source of income.

The function centre regularly hosts birthday celebrations, parties and special events. And the stunning garden background makes it the perfect place for weddings.

However, Jillian says the carpet in the function centre has seen better days. ‘It’d been in place for eight years and wasn’t a commercial-grade carpet,’ she says.

Funding of $6,000 from the Your West Support Fund has been used to replace the tattered carpet with a new and improved one. Jillian says the carpet has transformed the space, making it more welcoming and comfortable.

Even better, West Lynn Garden had some money left over to buy a wedding cake tree. This striking tree features layers of branches, just like the tiers of a wedding cake, while its delicate white flowers look like frosting.

‘We have planted the tree to acknowledge the amazing gift from the Your West Support Fund,’ Jillian says. She adds that the tree is showcased in a unique setting surrounded by native plants and will make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

As the summer approaches, West Lynn Garden has a packed programme of special events coming up. And the Spring Festival on 14 October kicks things off. On offer are games, food, drinks and a fantastic array of spring flowers and blooms to enjoy.

Planning for a Christmas celebration on 2 December is well underway. Choirs will sing traditional Christmas carols, and Santa is making a special appearance.

West Lynn Garden is located at 73 Parker Avenue and is open every day of the year from 10 am to 4 pm. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for all the latest news.