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Kaipātiki Project nurtures sustainability in The West

Kaipātiki Project’s innovative plant nursery and teaching garden are in Hobsonville Point. And the site is a hive of activity with a community compost hub, native plant nursery, plus a community orchard and garden.

Since 1998, the Auckland-wide Kaipātiki Project has been on a mission. ‘We are all about growing a sustainable future for people and nature,’ explains the organisation’s Joanne Kyriazopoulos. The group leads native bush regeneration, grows plants, encourages local food initiatives and participates in regional restoration projects.

Joanne says that knowledge and skills lie within many people, so Kaipātiki Project also creates opportunities for sharing and exchange. ‘We believe in building knowledge and learning about sustainability through hands-on projects,' she adds.

Situated in Engine Bay, the Hobsonville Point nursery and teaching garden are crucial to Kaipātiki Project’s work. It’s home to the community nursery, which grows around 10,000 native plants annually. These are used in regeneration and restoration projects throughout Auckland, including The West.

Furthermore, there’s a thriving community compost hub. Locals drop off their food scraps and green waste, which is then turned into living compost for the garden.

The nutrient-rich compost not only sustains the native plant nursery but is also used in the community orchard and garden. The garden grows a variety of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs.

A dedicated team of volunteers makes the organisation’s fantastic work possible. This incredible bunch of locals donate many hours each year. ‘Our volunteer opportunities help to increase community connection, belonging and resilience,’ declares Joanne. She adds that participation in regeneration and sustainable living projects brings people together, including youth, newcomers and seniors.

‘It’s also a great way to meet other locals and learn more about growing native plants or food,’ Joanne adds.

Funding of $5,000 from the Your West Support Fund has gone towards supporting the Hobsonville Point volunteering programme. Volunteers are always welcome to join the team on Wednesday mornings between 9 am and 12 pm. Activities include planting seedlings, weeding, harvesting and assisting with composting.

‘It’s a welcoming space where people can work together towards common goals, and it helps strengthen community bonds and resilience,’ reports Joanne.

Even better, you will also significantly contribute to a better environment for all.

Check out Kaipātiki Project’s website for more details on how to get involved.