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Furnishing homes of family violence survivors with hope and support

Women and men escaping domestic violence often leave at a moment’s notice. With few possessions or money and children to feed, furnishing a new home is next to impossible. That’s where the registered charity Woven Earth makes a difference.

‘We provide all the household items and furniture that transform a house into a home at no charge,' explains Woven Earth CEO Kerryn Thrupp.

She adds that when a woman or man escaping a violent relationship secures a new home, often they’re walking into an empty house. However, Woven Trust helps with everything a family needs to start over, including beds, fridges, washing machines, kitchen items, bedding, towels, plus much more.

A dedicated team of 24 volunteers receives, stores and transports donated items across Auckland. Last year, Woven Earth furnished 51 homes in The West alone.

Woven Earth

The charity works with 43 partner agencies, including the police, Victim Support, Family Action and Vision West. These partner agencies refer families to Woven Earth for much-needed practical help and support.

‘We provide hope to these families,’ declares Kerryn. She advises that Woven Earth helps make a challenging situation more manageable for those who have experienced significant trauma. ‘Woven Earth offers the helping hand they need to live safely, recover and reestablish their lives,’ she says.

Undoubtedly, Woven Earth’s service makes a massive difference. ‘The sense of relief and gratitude is overwhelming,’ declared one delighted mum. ‘Your efforts and warmth are felt in every detail of my now safe and beautiful new home,’ she added.

As a registered charity, funding is always challenging. Help towards operating costs like salaries is especially hard to come by. And so, the charity approached the Your West Support Fund. According to Kerryn, funding of $8,636 has gone towards salary costs and has helped take the pressure off. ‘The recognition of the Your West Support Fund and belief in what we are doing has given us a real boost,' declares Kerryn.

A home is vital for health and wellbeing. And without it, schooling for children and job hunting is a whole lot harder. Thanks to Woven Support, more men, women and children fleeing family violence can rebuild and enjoy a new life in a safe environment.