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Extra cameras boost community safety in Blockhouse Bay

In an initiative spearheaded by the Blockhouse Bay Business Association, additional CCTV cameras will increase the security of local shoppers and retailers.

With 64 members, Blockhouse Bay Business Association supports local businesses and promotes economic development.

The association runs regular promotions throughout the year to encourage residents to shop local and support town centre businesses. The mid-winter promotion is currently in full swing. Shoppers go into a draw to win some very cool prizes. So, be sure to get on board when you’re out and about in Blockhouse Bay.

The business association is also a proud supporter of the annual Santa Parade. This eagerly anticipated event brings the whole community together for shared fun and adventures.

However, despite the many positives, crime continues to be an issue in Blockhouse Bay's town centre. According to the business association’s manager Jodie Judd, thieves and ram raiders have targeted several local businesses. ‘Everyone should be able to come to the village and feel safe,’ says Jodie.

CCTV cameras have already been installed in the village, but the network was limited, leaving several blind spots.

The business association applied to the Your West Support Fund, and $3,228 has gone towards new cameras to extend the existing network.

The new cameras have recently been installed, ensuring business owners and shoppers feel safe when out and about. ‘The cameras make a big difference,’ reports Jodie. ‘They help our local businesses feel secure when working in the evenings and protect their shops,’ she adds.

Blockhouse Bay has a fantastic village atmosphere. And the addition of the new cameras means locals and businesses can safely work, shop, eat and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in the town centre.