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Connecting communities on the Peninsula

Te Atatū Peninsula Community Trust has connected the peninsula’s residents since 2006.

The not-for-profit organisation operates from the Chapel situated on the corner of Waipani and Beach Roads. The community trust manages the large building and gardens on behalf of the Chapel and has a broad remit. General Manager Brian Spicer explains more: ‘We provide direction and resources to serve our local community. He adds, ‘We aim to meet their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational needs.’

Te Atatū Peninsula is a diverse mix of new and long-established residents of all nationalities and backgrounds. However, there’s something for everyone at the popular community facility. Various community groups use the building, including the Toy Library, Bellyful West Auckland, Te Atatū Peninsula Floral Group and Brickworks Drama School. There are also Chinese language classes and the Awhi Mai Community Garden. It’s a full and varied programme. The building is open seven days a week, and community groups are only charged a nominal rental fee.

Brian advises that the community trust works with local groups to provide family-focused activities and build connections between residents. ‘We bring the community together, giving people a place to share, learn, laugh and ensure they know they are not alone,’ reports Brian.

Covid-19 has had a big impact. The doors were shut for long periods, impacting the community trust’s finances. ‘Some groups just haven’t come back since Covid, and we lost some momentum,’ says Brian.

The Te Atatū Peninsula Community Trust approached the Your West Support Fund for help with operating costs. And the $5,000 has had a significant impact. ‘It’s helped us keep the doors open,’ declares Brian.

Thankfully, the dark days of lockdowns are now behind us. Brian reports that over 500 people of all ages use the much-needed facility per week. ‘They come through our doors to meet, learn, engage and enjoy being a part of the community,’ he says.

‘Everyone benefits when there is a sense of community, where people know others, speak to each other when passing in the street and care for their neighbours,’ advises Brian.

If you’re a Te Atatū local, check out the fantastic range of opportunities at the Chapel’s community building. And start building your own connections. Check out the website for more information.